Church History

The site and original wooden chapel, complete with a wheezy organ, were purchased for £90 in 1883 and thus became the property of the Wesleyan Church.

The chapel however was  eventually demolished as the foundations were found to be in a poor state and a new Church was built on the site in gothic style and opened in 1906. Here's a picture of the official opening on 9th April 1906. 






It was reported in 1977 that the hall at the rear of the church, built in 1972, had been wrongly designed, the roof being too heavy for the walls. It was not until 1998 however that the hall had to be demolished and rebuilt for use by the middle of 1999.

With a floor size of over 14 metres by 8 metres plus a good stage area and multimedia facilities, the new hall is ideal for the uniformed groups and letting.



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