What's happening in the Kitchen

The Church Kitchen
Monday 29th July - Work on replacing the kitchen started today.
Taylor Nicholls are the contractors and the fitters are TCS Carpentry & Construction.

Already most of the old fittings and appliances have been ripped out and the tiles removed - at present they're all heaped up in the drive as the skip hasn't
arrived!  Heavy duty protective covering has been laid in the corridor and in the kitchen and it will stay in place for the duration of the work. Most of tiles are off the walls and (the well-hidden stop cock having been found) water, gas and electicity supplies have been capped or shut off ready for the start of plastering, tomorrow.. There will be times when electricity and water supplies to other parts of the building will be affecteda as the vestry, for example, is on the same circuit as the kitchen.

Here are a couple of "Before" and "During" photos - there'll be more under the Photos Tab on the Homepage

Monday 5th August - work is now well under way. The walls were replastered early last week and all the carcasses installed. The windows are in, theplumbing and initial electrical work has been finished (we had running water on Sunday mornoing for the essential teas and coffees) and today the appliances are being installed ready for the electrician to wire everything up tomorrow. The tiles, after problems with the suppliers, have now been re-chosen and ordered.

Wednesday 14th August  - nearly done! Everything's fitted, just the roller shutter to the Coffee Room needs to be wired in and that will be done on Friday morning. It looks good. There's a sheet on the kitchen wall by the door to write down any snags we find but there's not like to be many - some have already been sorted out.














Friday 18th August - the roller shutter is installed but there are a couple of problems with it and a replacement has been ordered - it should be fitted in about a fortnight's time.In the meantime  take care with the shutter switch - it needs to be positively switched off when opening or shutting the shutter or the motor keeps running!